David Zegeer

If you were lucky . . . .
you were born in a small town that was safe, clean, friendly, industrious,
and just a great place to grow up. I was one of the lucky ones that was born
in Jenkins, Kentucky where the town was clean, there was a park to play in,
my parents never had to worry much about us because everyone watched out
for everyone, the streets were safe, and Coal was King. I remember how
hardly anyone I knew locked their doors, and neighbors watched out for
neighbors. I remember how we always took food in to those that were sick
and did what was needed for those in need. It was just a fun and caring
place to grow up.

/  Seth Kegan /


If you were lucky . . . .
you were allowed to work in an industry that was challenging, interesting,
rewarding, hard-working, yet the people were the highlight of the business
and the camaraderie is binding. I was lucky because I was allowed to work
in the coal industry. I remember long hours, hard times, tough situations
and frustrations. But most of all I remember the people. The industry had a
tendency to bond you together, to look after one another, to depend on one
another, to work closely with one another without regard to race or creed.
The good times you remember were always people related. I was fortunate.

/   Seth Kegan  /


If you were lucky . . . .
you were allowed to work for someone who was intelligent, forward
thinking, safety conscious, dedicated, but most of all – cared about people. I
was one of the lucky ones, who worked for a man named David A. Zegeer.
Because of him, I got to work in a safe environment, a good work
environment, a company with a conscience, and a manager who cared
about people.

/   Seth Kegan  /


If you were lucky . . . .
you some how will get an opportunity to tell that person and show them,
when no one can say it is for selfish purposes, that you knew you were
fortunate to work for that person, and thank the Lord for them. I am lucky
because I have the opportunity to serve on a coal-railroad museum committee
that has been named after that person.
I say, “Thank you, David A. Zegeer.”

/  Seth Kegan  /

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